The Connecticut Horse Show Association ("CHSA") Finals Show Committee is responsible for putting together the 2007 CHSA Finals and is seeking volunteers for each of the committees below.  Please email the appropriate committee member to volunteer or offer your assistance.

2007 CHSA Finals Show Committee – Larry Schwartz – Chairperson

  • Show Management – Larry Schwartz
    • Responsible for show management including show officials, exhibitor invitations, day of show operations, etc.
  • Sponsors – Robin Vinson
    • Responsible for recruiting show sponsors for cash and in-kind donations.
  • Prize and Trophies – Renee Scarpantonio
    • Responsible for trophies, prizes, ribbons, entry gifts thru donation, sponsorship or purchase.
  • Marketing and Program – Deb Krawitz
    • Responsible for the program book including selling ads, laying out and printing.
  • Day of Show Operations –
    • Responsible for coordination at the day of the show. This includes organizing volunteers for non-show management tasks including registration, handing out prizes/ribbons, providing information, and runners for show management.
  • CHSA Board of Directors – Cynthia Jensen – Ex-Officio Member
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