Eligible Year End Award Divisions for CHSA Finals

With the purpose of encouraging and promoting interest in the beginner and intermediate classes/divisions for CHSA members, the following divisions/classes are eligible for CHSA Finals


  1. Quarter Horse Hunter U/Saddle
  2. Short Stirrup Equitation and Hunter
  3. Pre-Children’s Hunter
  4. Long Stirrup Hunter
  5. Modified Adult Amateur Hunter


  1. Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Equitation
  2. Walk-Jog Western Seat Equitation
  3. Beginner 11 & Over Equitation
  4. Long Stirrup Equitation
  5. Short Stirrup Equitation
  6. Modified Adult Amateur Equitation
  7. Saddle Seat Pleasure Equitation


  1. Children’s Pleasure Pony
  2. Adult English Pleasure
  3. Junior Exhibitor English Pleasure
  4. CHSA English Pleasure
  5. Beginner 11 & Over Pleasure
  6. Hunter Pleasure


  1. CHSA Western Pleasure
  2. Junior Western Pleasure
  3. Adult Western Pleasure


  1. Introductory Level Dressage
  2. Training Level Dressage
  3. First Level Dressage


  1. All American Saddlebred Divisions (Except Driving)
  2. Color Breed Divisions
  3. All Arabian Divisions
  4. All Half Arabian Divisions
  5. All Morgan Divisions (Except Driving)
  6. All Roadster Pony
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