Several CHSA Members have asked the following question:

What about riders that qualify at lower divisions and then move up prior to Medal Finals or even the cut off date in August – will they be allowed to ride in their lower end divisions and their higher end divisions?

From the computer of Cynthia Jensen, President of CHSA and our resident Steward:
According to the CHSA Rule Book:
Walk-Trot Divisions: Open to riders who have not reached their 11th birthday (ten and under) as of December 1st of the current show year and have not competed in any class requiring the rider to canter/lope or jump at any show with a recognized horse association.

Therefore, if a rider has reached his/her 50 points (which will give them a year-end award in that division at the banquet) and has moved on to Short Stirrup – or Pleasure divisions in which they canter or jump in a class, they are no longer eligible for Walk-Trot.  You can’t go back – not even for the CHSA Finals. This may be a big disappointment for some of our members who have moved on and would like to compete in Walk-Trot at Finals – but it certainly would not be fair for the other children in the class who are still riding and showing at the Walk-Trot level. The same would apply for a rider moving to up from the Short Stirrup division.  Once you move up, you can’t go back. Even for the CHSA Finals. Still have a question or comment? Email

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