Heidi Smith – B and B’s Bulldozer
Matt Couzens – Hannah
Sara Misiaszek – Lyin’ Baby Blues
Lily Wagner – Twizzler
Elena Rogovich – Scootin Spiderman
Joy Russolillo – Sophisticated Lady
Cristina Rossi – Kodak Moment
Jennifer Clayton – Likely Choice
Kayla Fraser – Stuart Little
Whitney Viola – High’s Big Easy
Alexis Devlin – Bremerton
Tami Scotto – Aquaduct Charlie
Kimberley Butler – Bull Market
Jordyn Freedman – Twizzler
Claire Hayes – UC Lace
Karly Burton – Stuart Little
Melissa Musto – Absolute Pleaser
Shannon O’Connor – Fiesta!
Kathie Gregory – Designed To Dazzle
Doug Bowman – To The Manor Born
Nathan Carman – Cruise
Jane Mayotte – Barsbello
Erica Cosenza – Miss. Manners
Page Vinson – In the Spotlight
Olivia Marlow – Just Push Play
Sarah Goodrich – Big White Lie
Joyce Woznica – Big White Lie
Lauren Woznica – Reeces Pieces
Elizabeth Woznica – Charlotte’s Web
Laura Rickard – Smooth Sailin
Celeste Benson – Cool Lad
Emma Gorham – Cool Lad
Noreen Gorham – Leonardo
Ally D’Amico – Girls Best Friend
Julia Ecklord – Flutterby
Katherine Winchester – In The Spotlight
Victoria Stevens – Flutterby
Casey O’Dea – Rosecroft Marquee
Ashley Gil – Kris Kringle
Clayton Parrotta – Teddy or Not
Morgan Parrota – Teddy or Not
Shaun Reese – Knight Court
Audriana Finney – Knight Court
Wendy Santarsiero – Movado’s Definng Moment
Maxine Wilensky – Movado’s Defining Moment
Katie Walker – Movado’s Maxamillion
Desiree Cormier – Sonnet
Katie Hoelzer – North Forty Shorty
Frederick Von Bachelle – News Affair
Marisa Henry – Wonder-Full Dream
Molly McGaughey – Northern Moon Dancer
Julie Solomon – Dandy Lion
Molly Maine – First Date
Joni Weller – Really Something
Chelsea LeMoine – Clifford
Katie Krawitz – Spiderman
Eileen Victory – Spiderman
Logan Allison – The Original
Kathy O’Connor – Killian’s Red
Kimberly O’keege – Frappuccino
Leah Botti – Nitrous
Maggie Anderson-Murphy – Upon This Rock
Gabby Spatola – Potpourri
Ariel Leshem – Just Peachy
Julia Bayer – Mind Your Manners
Samantha Trase – Stairway to Heaven
Jenn Perry – Master Perian
Alyssa Nilson – Ricochet
Micaela Caulkins – Everything Rosie
Stephanie Daniels – Everything Rosie
Carlie Poworoznek – Everything Rosie
Mary Fisher – Ricochet
Kellie Younger – Ricochet
Rachel Pratt – Ricochet
Audrey Spina – Little Buddy
Rachael MacGregor – LIttle Buddy
Julia Driscol – Little Buddy
Jessica Gross – Little Buddy
Grace Alexander – Smallwood Gemstone
Jessica Fall – Sophisticated Lady
Dana Knoll – March to Glory
Jessica Murray – Mind Your Manners
Jessica Murray – Skip To My Lu
Grace Alexander – Skip To My Lu
Abby Wagner – Breakfast at Tiffanys
Grace Alexander – Fiesta
Morgan Mancini – Just Do It
Elizabeth Robinson – Sunday Night
Erin Featherstone – Check Me Out
Rebecca Mazzaferro – April Showers
Lauren Patrick – Dolce
Jessica Fusaro – Set Sail
Olivia Wertheim – Silver Lining
Emelie Burgess – Formal Affair
Emma Perry – Rasberry Fanasty
Lindsay Kmetz -Jailhourse Rock
Briana Schaulis
Gabrielle Berger – Falconier
Lauren O’Connell – Was Meant To Be
Nicole Picone – Shaunessey

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