A reminder that all CHSA Medal classes are accumulating points for the 2009 CHSA Finals right now!  Hunter and Pleasure classes will start accumulating points as of the start of the 2009 season on December 1, 2008.

Some rules changes to note:
CHSA Medals – The minimum number of points to qualify is 12 points.  The Top 30 riders in each CHSA Medal division with 12 or more points will qualify for the 2009 CHSA Finals.  Once you reach 70 points you automatically qualify for the 2009 CHSA Finals for that Medal Class and you are exempt from showing in that Medal Class for the rest of the showing season.

CHSA English Pleasure – Starting with the 2009 CHSA show season (Dec 1, 2008) we are lowering the minimum points to qualify for the 2009 CHSA Finals for CHSA English Pleasure from 25 to 12 points. The Top 20 qualified riders will then qualify for the 2009 CHSA Finals. Since this class is only run once during each CHSA show, this should allow more participation at the CHSA Finals.

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