Riders qualify by accumulating points in eligible CHSA Classes held at Recognized CHSA Shows during the qualifying period. The qualifying period for the 2013 CHSA Finals runs from August 1, 2012 thru Sunday, July 28, 2013. Top 20 riders/horses in eligible Hunter/Pleasure CHSA classes qualify and are invited to the CHSA Finals. For the CHSA Medal classes, the top 30 competitors will be invited to compete at Finals.

Qualification Criteria
For Hunter/Pleasure class to be eligible to run at the CHSA Finals, each class must have a minimum of 10 riders/horses with each having accumulated more than 25 points during the qualifying period which started August 1, 2012 and ends on Sunday, July 28, 2013. For CHSA Medal classes a minimum of 10 riders with 12 or more points is need to qualify the class.  CHSA English Pleasure riders/horses will only need 12 points to qualify, but still must have a minimum of 10 riders/horses with each having more than 12 points by the qualifying deadline.

Class Show Requirements
Each CHSA Final’s class must have a minimum of 10 entries to be eligible to run at the CHSA Finals show and receive ribbons and prizes.  If, at the entry deadline, there are fewer then 10 entries for a class, then the following will occur:
  • Less then 10 entries but more then 5 at the entry deadline, the class will run but with no prizes only ribbons. (ie 5 – 9 entries)
  • Less then 5 entries the class will not run and entry fees will be refunded. If the entry is only participating in one class the office fee and stall fees will also be refunded. If the entry is also participating in other classes only the canceled class fee will be refunded. (ie 4 – 1 entries)
The Show Committee may, at its discretion, designate a lower minimum number of qualifying points for any given Year End Division. For more details – see the CHSA Finals rules and regulations at http://www.chsafinals.com/rules-and-regulations/
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