2013 CHSA Finals

Hunter Derby

The 2013 CHSA Finals will include a Hunter Derby to be held on Sunday, August 25, 2013.

Only riders and/or horses already entered in the 2013 CHSA Finals may enter into the 2013 CHSA Hunter Derby.  The Derby will consist of 3 classes with fence heights of: 18”, 2’ and 2’6”.  Only 1 entry per horse per height will be allowed. Entry fee for each horse and rider combination will be $100 per class. Only 20 entries per class based on time receipt of entry.  We will keep a wait list.  Get your entries in early and consider using our online entry system.

CHSA Finals Hunter Derby Classes:

  1. 18” Hunter Derby – open to horses and ponies entered in Short Stirrup and Long Stirrup Hunter and Equitation CHSA Finals Classes only.
  2. 2’ Hunter Derby – open to riders and horses entered in 2’ CT Training Hunter, Pre-Children’s Hunter and 2′ Medal classes at the 2013 CHSA Finals.
  3. 2’6” Hunter Derby – open to riders and horses entered in 2’6” Jumper, 2’6″ Hunter and 2’6″ Medal classes at the 2013 CHSA Finals.

The 10 highest-scoring horse-and-rider combinations after the first round of each class are eligible to return for the second round. The pair with the highest two-round score is declared the class winner.

Each CHSA Finals Hunter Derby class must have a minimum of 10 entries to be eligible to run at the CHSA Finals show and receive ribbons and prizes.  If, at the entry deadline, there are fewer then 10 entries for a class, then the following will occur:

  • Less then 10 entries but more then 5 at the entry deadline, the class will run but with no prizes only ribbons. (ie 5 – 9 entries)
  • Less then 5 entries the class will not run and entry fees will be refunded. If the entry is only participating in one class the office fee and stall fees will also be refunded. If the entry is also participating in other classes only the canceled class fee will be refunded. (ie 4 – 1 entries)

For more information contact chsa@chsaonline.com



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