2015 Forms

2015 CHSA Finals: 

View 2015 CHSA Finals Standings and Entry Forms Received (HTML) [Updated Monday, August 10, 2015 – FINAL!]

Please email Finals@chsaonline.com with any changes.

If you have not mailed, scanned or faxed your signed entry form – please fax immediately to 203-889-3000

Order of Go

View 2015 CHSA Finals Order of Go


2015 CHSA FINALS Schedule (Note Sunday start time is now 7:30am!)

Entry Forms:

2015 CHSA Finals Invitation Package  – PDF

2015 CHSA Finals Prize List – PDF

2015 CHSA Finals Entry Form – PDF

Online CHSA Finals Entry Form Payment – Paypal/Credit Card  (You still need to send in paper form with signatures)

2015 CHSA Finals Entry Form – Lead Rein – (PDF)

2015 CHSA FINALS Stall Reservation Form – (PDF)

Online 2015 CHSA Finals Stall Reservation Form – Paypal/Credit Card

2015 CHSA Finals Statement of Health Form – (PDF)  ****EQUINE HEALTH REQUIREMENT FOR ADMITTANCE

Misc Payments:

Online 2015 CHSA Finals Payment Form – Paypal/Credit Card for Misc payments

Chipotle Dinner Reservation:

2015 Saturday Night Chipotle Dinner Reservation – Paypal/Credit Card

2015 CHSA FINALS Saturday Chipotle Dinner Reservation – PDF

CHSA Membership:

2015 Membership Form (PDF) Print form and mail with check

ONLINE 2015 Membership Form Online membership with Paypal/Credit Card

Hotel Information:

View Hotel Information

Program Advertising:

Online Program Advertising Form – Paypal/Credit Card

View 2015 CHSA Finals Program Advertising Form – Mail/Check (PDF)

Guidelines for submitting an ad for CHSA Finals Program

View 2014 CHSA Finals Program Book – (PDF)

Congratulations Ad:

View 2015 CHSA FINALS Congratulations and Thank You Ad Form – Mail/Check (PDF)

Online CHSA Finals Congratulations and Thank You Ad Form – Paypal/Credit Card

Class Sponsorship:

View Class Sponsors

Online CHSA Finals Online Class Sponsorship Form – Paypal/Credit Card

View 2015 CHSA Finals Sponsorship Form – Mail/Check (PDF)

Nutrena Tent Tables:

View 2015 CHSA FINALS Tent Table Reservation Form – Mail/Check (PDF)

Online CHSA Finals Tent Table Reservation Form – Paypal/Credit Card

Support the 2015 CHSA Finals:

2015 CHSA FINALS Support Medal– Mail/Check (PDF)

Online CHSA Finals Medal Support Form – Paypal/Credit Card


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