2018 Forms

2018 CHSA Finals

Order of Go

View 2018 CHSA Finals Order of Go (PDF) 2018 CHSA Finals Orders Of Go

Please note: the Order of Go is listed by Class Numbers, not by the day they are running. These are for preliminary review only and the official list will be available at the Secretary’s Booth during the show.

Standings and Entry Forms Received:

Click the PDF file below to see the status of the 2018 Finals Entries. Entries Closed

Please email Finals@chsaonline.com with any changes.
If you have not mailed, scanned or faxed your signed entry form – please fax immediately to 860-774-7084


2018_CHSA FINALS Daily Schedule

Entry Forms:

2018 Entry Letter(PDF)
2018_CHSA FINALS Prize List _v6(PDF)
2018 CHSA Finals Entry Form(PDF) mail/email/fax with signatures. Use for mail in check payments

Online CHSA Finals Entry Form Payment – Credit Card  (You still need to send in paper form with signatures)


2018 CHSA Finals Stall Reservations(PDF)
Online 2018 CHSA Finals Stall Reservation Form – Credit Card


Misc Payments:

Online 2018 CHSA Finals Payment Form – (Credit Card for Misc payments)

CHSA Membership:

2018CHSA Membership application-Print form and mail with check
ONLINE 2018 Membership Form   – Credit Card or Pay Pal

Hotel Information:

View Hotel Information

Program Advertising:

CHSA Advertising and Sponsorship Forms – Mail/Check (PDF)
Online CHSA Advertising and Sponsorship Form – Credit Card
Guidelines for submitting an ad for CHSA Finals Program
View 2016 CHSA Finals Program – (PDF)

Congratulations Ad:

2018 CHSA Finals.memory adsdoc   Mail/Check (PDF)

Class Sponsorship:

CHSA Classes for Sponsorship 2018
CHSA Finals Class Sponsorship Form – Mail/Check (PDF)
Online CHSA Finals Class Sponsorship Form – Credit Card

CHSA VIP Tent Tables:

2018 CHSA Finals Table Reservations -Mail/Check (PDF)
Online CHSA Finals Tent Table Reservation Form – Credit Card

Support the 2018 CHSA Finals:

2018 CHSA FINALS Support Medal– Mail/Check (PDF)

2017 CHSA Finals Results

View 2017 CHSA Finals Results – (PDF)


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