Exempt Divisions

Exempt Year End Award Divisions for CHSA Finals

Updated May 1, 2009

As determined by the CHSA Board of Directors these Year End Divisions are exempt from participating in the CHSA Finals:


  1. Children’s Hunter Horse/Pony
  2. Green Pony Hunter
  3. Pony Hunter
  4. Junior Hunter
  5. Adult Amateur Owner Hunter
  6. Amateur Owner Hunter
  7. Connecticut Hutner
  8. Connecticut Open Hunter


  1. Lead Rein Hunt Seat
  2. Lead Rein Saddle Seat
  3. Open Hunt Seat Equitation – All Ages
  4. Adult Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation
  5. Children’s Equitation(replaced by Children’s Equitation Medal)
  6. Junior Equitation
  7. Western Equitation
  8. Saddle Seat Equitation
  9. Short Stirrup Equitation (replaced by Short Stirrup Equitation Medal)
  10. Pre-Children’s Equitation (replaced by Pre-Children’s Equitation Medal)
  11. Modified Adult Amateur Equitation (replaced by Modified Adult Equitation Medal)


  1. All Jumper Divisions except Low Training Jumper


  1. Walk-Jog Western Pleasure
  2. Western Trail


  1. All Driving Divisions
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